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#InMyElement: Capturing Your Best Moments

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore as you dig your heels into the sand. The night glow of your favorite city from a rooftop bar. Gazing up at a leafy California redwood that stretches 300 feet into the sky. Feeling the cold rain on your face, your body warm and dry safely inside your coat.

When everything comes together for a blissful unexpected moment during your adventures, well, we have a name for that, whether it’s resting your boots on a dock overlooking the sea or that instant when you’re in your work zone and everything comes together. We call it #inmyelement.

Whatever your journey, whatever your awe-inspiring moment – we’re here to outfit you. Check out the Timberland Instagram page for thousands of posts and tag your own photos with #inmyelement. We’ll share them here. Below are some of our favorites (we’ll be posting them monthly).

Here’s hoping your month is full of #inmyelement moments.