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Expert Advice: Going Monochrome

Dark and mysterious

In our new series, top style bloggers show us their favorite ways to wear Timberland gear. Brian Morr, a menswear blogger out of NYC, shows us how to create an all-black look

It’s at that early October point in New York City where no one quite knows what’s appropriate to wear. They’re stuck debating between wearing shorts and sandals or putting on a scarf and a parka to walk to the nearest corner store.

I like to play it safe during this transitional period, especially when there are so many ways to go wrong fashion-wise.

For my style this fall, I have one word: black.

I’ll admit, black was only a recent color addition to my wardrobe, but now frankly I can’t get enough. Guys – it turns out black is NOT the absence of color. It’s the epitome of cool and laidback. 

For years, ever since I was a child, Timberland has been a staple in my wardrobe, but wearing black was never a top choice for me.

But I was sincerely mistaken. In their latest collection, they’ve introduced muted tones and black hues – which I’ve styled here.

For this look, I chose to pair my black Wharf River Waffle Henley with a pair of dark denim pants and my awesome waterproof Britton Hill Moc Toe boots which may be the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve owned to date (and I own many many pairs). 

I soon discovered the monochromatic look works for me. It looks amazing AND it’s so easy to throw a quick outfit together when you only have to work with one color.

The henley shirt shows that you’re laidback but the boots have a touch of class to them. The mix of leather and suede is perfect for the unpredictability of fall.

And as summer transitions to fall, I’m finally making my transition to the simple yet sophisticated color of black.

It looks so good that I’m not sure I’m going back. 

Brian Morr is a menswear blogger based in New York City. 

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