Classic Timepieces: Fall ‘15 Watch Collection

The ultimate investment piece

For many of us, a classic, simple watch is the only accessory we really need. The ideal timepiece is elegant in design, practical in function and always in style.

Also, isn’t it time you stopped using your phone as your watch so much? Constantly pulling out your phone can be an instant buzz kill at dinner or in a meeting.

And, of course, the right watch instantly sharpens up your ensemble.

Here’s a preview to a few of our favorite watches this season:

The Bartlett

The multifunctional Bartlett has sleek stainless steel casing and a chronograph, making it an easy choice for those who like to keep it simple. Choose it for the genuine leather strap to be in brown with black casing for a warmer, rugged feel or black with silver casing for a coordinated, polished look. 

The Henniker

If you’re looking to add functionality and performance to all your outdoor activities, try the Henniker.

The wheat strap is enhanced with multifunction features including large indices circling the neutral beige dial for easy viewing. Surrounding the dial, the strength of aluminum casing in matching brown is finished with an ion- plated crown, making this an extra durable timepiece.                                         

The Campton

A great day to night watch, The Campton has a bold face with a brown leather strap and brown dial.  Use the compass-like multi-function feature for adventures and with a 10 ATM water resistance, your watch will be safe during unexpected rainstorms.

Want to find out more about the Fall ‘15 Watch Collection? Check out our interview with one of our designers below.

What’s special about these watches?

The new collection continues to gear towards rugged yet refined aesthetic in keeping with the Timberland lifestyle. Every single watch is designed with environmental sustainability,  conditions demanding durability, and visual appeal requiring the finest materials in mind.

Our watches are also works of art in themselves where their craftsmen are concerned. Each is made with exquisite craftsmanship coupled with a fine attention to the small details that matter.

Why get a Timberland watch?

These are investments in personal accessories instead of one-time purchases, thus, reinforcing the importance of carefully considering the choices. These timepieces are designed with durable materials and construction like silicon rubber and stainless steel as well as equipped with water resistance of up to 20 ATM (translation: it can function 200 meters below water surface, meaning it’s safe for serious water sports).

Their durability is an aspect of their eco-friendly trait, since the longer the watches can escape the landfill, the better it is for the environment.

Could you take us through the process of the art of making a watch?

Firstly, we do a ton of research going into each season. We search high and low for great concepts.

Secondly, through the process of sketching, we start blending function and aesthetics together.

Then, true scaled drawings with all production-necessary information will be laid down on paper. This is the most crucial step to decide the size, thickness, constructions, materials and colors.

Thirdly the first prototype by a machine or 3D printer will be created to preview and review. We repeat the process until all details are perfect.

How intricate is the design?

A watch is very small, and at those proportions when you change a small thing, it impacts everything else. It’s very tricky to maintain that equilibrium of simplicity and beauty. 

How long does it take to create watch from design to store?

It depends on the complexity of the product. We have some best-selling models that have a clean design – these take anywhere from 10-14 months from concept to market arrival. 

Take a look at our latest collection of watches and get ready to invest in your classic timepiece.