Expert Advice: Going Bold in 8-Inch Handsewn Boots

Attention to detail

In our style column, Steven Onoja of Ostentation and Style wears our 8-inch Handsewn Boots

I love this time of year - when it’s finally the season for great cold weather style.

With this look, I went for something vibrant that represents street culture.

I love going for adventurous and edgy looks so I went for contemporary with a streetwear influence. 

I chose the Moose River Wool Crew Neck sweater because it’s classic and casual, especially when paired with a light wash jean, like the Thompson Lake Slim Fit Selvage Denim jeans. Then I chose a pop of color with a green jacket and green beanie. For me, though, these boots really add an edge to this outfit and make a bold statement.

Don’t get me wrong – loafers, oxfords, and chukkas are nice to pull out from time to time, but nothing beats the look and feel of a pair of boots during the winter months. These 8-inch Rugged Handsewn boots ensure that the snow and slush stay out while delivering a distinctive look.

I picked these particular boots because of their tall silhouette and premium leather. With Pendleton lining and handsewn details, these carefully crafted boots are one-of-a-kind.

Plus, they look good but they’re still made to withstand the elements – ideal for serious style in the coldest months.

Steven Onoja is a menswear blogger based in NYC. 

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