Story of an Icon: The Duffle Jacket

The only coat you’ll need this winter

If you’re in need of a distinguished winter jacket that will look smart and still work as an all-weather cover up, then look no further than the duffle coat.

This is a utility jacket with a great heritage. From protecting the Royal British navy during WWI, to outfitting beatniks and peace protesters during the 1950s, this iconic design has a whole lot of history.

As with most enduring styles, the duffle coat has been reinterpreted over the years. The characteristic wooden toggles, bucket hood and large front pockets amplify its charm and separate it from other heavy-duty woolen jackets. And so, while its color and material may have been revamped, the offbeat details and boxy shape remain untouched.

We love the duffle coat’s good looks, understated quality, and subtle nod to preppy style.

This season we decided to take this fashion favorite, add a touch of New England style, and give it a makeover for The Modern Trail.

To keep you warm without the weight, we crafted the Shrewsbury Peak Duffle Coat from a surprisingly lightweight premium wool, and included an additional quilted lining.

The unmistakable leather loops and wooden toggles mean you can fasten your coat the old-fashioned way, but there’s also a hidden zip – just in case the weather turns nasty.

Love the style but don’t think wool is practical in a downpour? Think again. Our wool is treated to be waterproof, so winter showers won’t stop you from wearing what you want.

As our Senior Menswear Designer, Barry Grainger, explains: “We wanted to take something as iconic as the duffle coat and adapt it for life on The Modern Trail. By using waterproof wool, we created a staple piece that has both the performance of a classic hiking jacket and the polished style of an overcoat.”

With its classic style, quilt-lining, and waterproof wool, this is the only coat you’ll need this season.