Brothers & Craft: Chasing the Modern Trail

Coastal style

Clay from Brothers & Craft takes our Fall Collection on a roadtrip to Maine.

My brothers and I started Brothers & Craft in 2012 as a creative and media agency in New York. We live and breathe fashion, from fashion weeks to putting together our own considered gentlemanly style.

I grew up with six older brothers. You'd have to watch your back... we argued, we fought, and we stole each other's food. As I got older, though, I've realized that as brothers, we share a commonality: living life well, together.

We came to realize we were our own community, and recently moved our business down to Charleston, South Carolina where we grew up.

I get anxious when I sit still for too long. Stationary living does little for me. It's the adventures that breathe life into each day. And when it comes to discovering true peace and satisfaction, we often pursue ideas and lifestyles that we think can guide us there. I think that’s partly what the Modern Trail is all about - finding your own personal journey that pushes you and shapes you - and in return shapes your environment as well. And when these journeys come along you should jump in feet first, so we decided to do just that; we partnered with Timberland to journey along the coast of Maine. There we shot our version of the Modern Trail, together as brothers.

My brother Kirk took a stroll in the Mount Clay Waterproof Wharf Bomber Jacket which combines a love of form and function. The slim fit is backed up with sealed seams for complete waterproof protection while the outer layer is lightweight and made from clever nylon with durable water repellent and 2 layer Hyvent waterproof technology. Translation? It’s the kind of jacket you can rely on. 

Underneath, he has the Bass River Wool Blend Shirt Jacket, the ideal layer for cool weather. He’s teamed it with West Haven 6-inch Waterproof Boots - full grain leather with anti-fatigue footpads for boots that rock. He’s finished it off with Thompson Lake Slim Fit Selvage Denim Pants, a great slim-fit choice for subtle, refined denim.

My brother Zac is wearing the Mount Lincoln Waxed Canvas Jacket which combines that classic waxed canvas look with vented back panels for stylish comfort no matter the weather. Under that is the Saco River Slim Fit Striped Oxford Shirt for a nautical look that’s more suave than sailor.

And then there’s me. I’m wearing the West Haven Waterproof Chukkas. They’re the kind of versatile boots that make life easy – you can be exploring the Maine coastline then head into town to a bar without having to change. I love this rich brown color. 

The Thompson Lake Slim Fit Selvage Denim Pants make another appearance (we all wore them) while I donned the Tenon Leather Field Jacket. This leather jacket is sturdy, rugged and the black panels make it different from the average leather item. A 100% cotton flannel lining keeps me warm though, without adding bulk. It’s ideal for a day out as it’s versatile enough to wear when spending the day outdoors and then grabbing drinks at your local bar with your brothers.

What will you wear on your Modern Trail?