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Austin’s Love Affair with Street Art

Austin is a city packed full of colorful street art. From simple love letters to technicolor backdrops, you’ll find work by independent artists and commissioned pieces by graffiti-loving local businesses on countless street corners.

Here’s our must-see murals from the cultural Texas capital.

You’re My Butter Half 

You're my butter half mural

Local designer John Rockwell created this fun-loving mural for United Way of Greater Austin back in 2012. After two days, this sweet piece of street art sat complete on the side of the organizations building at 2000 E. MLK Jr. Blvd, and has been attracting crowds ever since. 

Jeremiah the Innocent 

Jeremiah the Innocent mural

Also known as the “Hi, How Are You?” frog. This eccentric amphibian rose to fame he graced the cover of musician Daniel Johnson album The Unfinished Album in 1983. You’ll find him surrounded by music and art fans on the corner of 21st and Guadalupe, just across from The University of Texas at Austin. 

Greetings From Austin 

Austin mural

Located at 1720 S 1st Street in South Austin, this iconic piece sits on the side of the Roadhouse Relics. Created by artist and store owner Todd Sanders and his friend Rory Skagen, this picturesque recreation of a classic postcard has been around since 1998 but was restored in 2013 to its colorful, vivid glory.


Rhapsody mural

This stunning 50-foot-long mosaic sits on the east side of Austin at 11th Street and Waller. Artist John Yancee created this monster of a mural to celebrate and preserve the street’s African American heritage, and to commemorate the area’s previous life as a hive for jazz well before Austin became “The Live Music Capital of the USA”. 

I love you so much 

I love you so much mural

Making hearts flutter since 2010, this spontaneous mural is one of the most popular in Austin. Housed at Jo’s Coffee House on the corner of South Congress Avenue, this simple love letter is the handy work of local musician Amy Cook, who created both a touching ode to her partner, the owner at Jo’s, and an essential stop for the city’s romantic souls.

Gunga Galunga

Bill Murray mural

Many of Austin’s finest murals are commissioned by the city’s independent businesses. This Bill Murray Caddyshack mural is an impressive riff on the film’s Dalai Lama skit and adorns the Criquet Shirts store on 1603 S 1st Street, South Austin.

Eddie “Cannibal” Merckx

Eddie Cannibal Merckx mural

Created by celebrity graphic artist David Flores, this mural of Eddie “Cannibal” Merckx was painted in front of a live audience during the SXSW festival back in 2013. Drop by Division 1 Bicycles at 1620 E. 7th in historic East Austin to marvel at this specially commissioned portrait of the five-times Tour de France winner.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Graffiti Park

The HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a veritable mecca for Austin’s thriving street art scene. Opened in 2011, this community art project has since become one of the largest outdoor galleries in the USA. The three-story Paint Park at 11th & Baylor Street is now a constantly evolving creative space, so expect to see something new every time you visit.

Graffiti Park