24 Hours in LA

24 Hours In… LA

Los Angeles’ sprawl can make it hard to find your way around. But don’t let that stop you enjoying the best of what LA has to offer with our guide to the places to see and be seen…

Get your fix at… 

Cafecito Organico

Tourists may wait 20 minutes in line just up the street at Intelligentsia, but the locals prefer Cafecito. Start your day with an addictive shot of Espresso Clandestino, then step outside and enjoy the inevitable morning sunshine.

Take a wander through…

Echo Park Lake 

This little piece of tranquility underwent an eye-watering $45 million rejuvenation a couple of years ago, and was returned to the good people of LA more beautiful than ever. Take a walk past the lotus gardens, take a ride on the peddle boats, or just marvel at the myriad people sharing this vibrant slice of green in the cityscape.

Sample the seafood at…

Son of a Gun

Son of a Gun Restaurant

For a light lunch head to Son of a Gun. This low key seafood restaurant specializes in small plates, so it’s perfect for a midday meal, but with food this good it’s hard not to nibble your way through the entire menu in one sitting. Ordering a couple of the lobster rolls and at least one fried chicken sandwich is a given.

Shop for vinyl at…

Gimme Gimme Records

Gimme Gimme Records

An Aladdin’s cave for vinyl lovers, Gimme Gimme Records has just relocated more than 4,000kms from NYC to LA with owner Dan Cook lugging 20,000 LPs and 12-inch singles with him. Excited by what he’ll find in the garages and lofts of his new Angelino customers, if you can’t find it in here, it’s probably not worth listening to.

Eat a burger at…

25 Degrees, Roosevelt Hotel

25 Degrees Restaurant

Named after the precise temperature difference between a raw and well-done hamburger, 25 Degrees is a sophisticated twist on the traditional burger bar. Sleek leather booths and mirrored walls make this one of LA’s swankier burger joints, but it's the colossal patties and 'adult' spiced milkshakes that are the real draw.

25 Degrees Restaurant

Grab a drink at… 

Good Luck Bar

For a laid-back vibe in a kitschy setting, check out Good Luck Bar. This Los Feliz favorite draws a crowd with its extensive drinks menu and good music. Walk through the velvet curtains and you’ll find patrons chatting in booths, perched under Chinese lanterns at the bar, or singing along by the jukebox.

Stay at… 

The Line

The Line Hotel

The 12-story, 388-room The Line is at the beating heart of Korea Town’s revival. A stylized mix of plush communal areas and minimal, functional design (think velvet lined seats abutting concrete walls) that’s achingly hip as both a place to eat and stay. But we really love its focus on getting guests out and about to explore the newly revitalized KTown through its magazine, ‘Here’, and free Line-branded Linus bike rental for guests. Get peddlin. 

The Line Hotel