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Everyone has something unique to bring to Timberland, whether it's experience, skills, ideas or enthusiasm. What kind of footprint will you leave? Show us what you've got, and get started on your path.

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East Kingston, NH

East Kingston, NH
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Working Here Has its Benefits

Benefits that are comprehensive, competitive, valuable and flexible.  Much like our products and work environment, the benefits package empowers our employees with the options and resources to make a difference in their jobs and in their lives.  The locally customized design of the programs ensure fair and equitable treatment for all employees.

Flexible Work Environment

Work doesn't have to be your life. We believe that time spent outside of work should relax and re-energize you, and we provide paid time off to do just that. It's important for you to take a holiday, go on vacation or take care of personal business. And we value your taking time to participate in paid community service or even a service sabbatical.

Health and Wellness

We continually strive to improve employee health status.  We offer comprehensive overall health insurance benefits and employee assistance resources to encourage employees and their families to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Financial Well Being

These days, it's hard to stretch your paycheck as far as you'd like. In addition to retirement and savings programs, which are appropriate for the local country and integrated with any social insurance system, most employees are eligible for an annual bonus. Also, all employees receive TimberlandĀ® footwear, apparel or accessories at a generous discount.


We work to build our community beyond the office. Through support of continuous education, in-house learning opportunities and a promote-from-within philosophy, we want to see you grow professionally. And we also learn outside the job by participating in global service events such as Serv-a-palooza and Earth Day.

Awards and Recognition

When our employees do great things, we're the first to let them know it. At our quarterly employee rallies, we celebrate those who go above and beyond to make it better - whether it's within our company walls, or out in the community.

Beyond You

When you join Timberland, we extend an invitation for more than just a job. Through country specific offerings we strive to provide support to the whole person.

Depending on where in the world you work, you can experience various benefits of working here. For example, employees at our headquarters in Stratham, New Hampshire enjoy an on-site day care center, fitness center, subsidized cafeteria, company store and dry cleaning service, plus a lot more. For more of what's where, just ask us!

The information above offers only a brief overview of some of the benefits offered by Timberland.  Complete information regarding the benefits is provided to the employees and there may be exclusions and limitations to certain benefits.  In addition, Timberland reserves the right to modify or terminate benefits at any time.